How to collect points?

For Smart phone users:

The smartphone users will have to show the virtual card (happyME card)  provided in the app at the checkout counter. The cashier will scan the card and the points will be credited to your account in near real time. It is a must to get the card scanned at the cashier during check out in order to get points. The same cannot be done at a later period.

For Non-smartphone users:

You have to send an SMS to short code “3236”. You will get a link to register yourself on the website www.happyme.ae. If you do not Register online, your account does not get activated. Once the account is active you can go to our portal i.e www.happyme.ae, login with your credentials – go to my profile – collect points – enter invoice number – submit. This has to be done within 48 hours of shopping or the transaction will not be accepted post that. The points will then be uploaded within 48 hours.